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        In Summer 2014, I was selected as one of the 18 undergraduate visiting researchers to do independent research sponsored by School of Engineering at Stanford University. Under supervision of Prof. Sindy Tang, I designed a low-cost chip for disease detection at resource limited areas. The work was presented at Stanford UGVR research symposium and published at Biomicrofluidics in 2015.

Star Tracker

        This is my final semester design project done in both University of Cambridge and Tsinghua University, in which a single-pixel star tracker based on compressive sensing was developed. My bachelor thesis was on this topic and won the best Undergraduate Thesis in the Department of Precision Instruments.

Cell Inn

        Research on cells has been focusing on data derived by averageing over quantities of cells assuming that cell samples are uniform. However the heterogeneous character of cells offers a more precise understanding of cullular function, gene mutation and diseases such as cancer. This is the first project I tried in the field of MEMS and Microfluidics, in which I designed and fabricated multiple chips for single cell separation. And with this project I was selected to Tsinghua Spark Talents Program for Technological Innovation. 

Capillary Channel

        This is a course project for MEMS and Microsystems. We designed a capillary channel for transporting methanol in fuel cell, and investigated its performance numerically and experimentally. This work was presented at COMSOL Annual Conference 2015, Boston, US.

Breakout Clone

        As a class project of Design and Practice of Circuit System, our team built an Ultrasonic Range Finder from scratch within one week, including ultrasonic transmitter, receiver, LED display and other modules.

        We also developed an interactive interface for a video game called Breakout Clone. The range finder captures the physical movement of player and returns it to computer to control paddle position.

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